Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Go

It's been a while since my last entry but it's also been a crazy few weeks.  The movers have come and gone, our home is now referred to as our "old house" and we just finished up PCS leave.  PCS leave = an amount of vacation designated for visiting family, taking care of moving issues, and preping to move.  I write this as I sit in Atlanta airport (our layover location), while our two little ones are trying to occupy themselves. So far we have only hit one snag which was solved with no screaming (I was very close!).  The airline we were originally flying with could not accomodate our 50 lb. Boxer because it they were flying a smaller plane.  After an airline switch and then a few flight switches our departure date was changed from 3/09 to 3/10.  Not the greatest but what can ya do right?

So needless to say we got up before the sun this morning, approximately 3:30 am EST, to head for our 6:50 am flight.  That was loads of fun let me tell you.  Upstate NY greeted us with sleet and slushy roads, thanks for the warm goodbye.  Our flight to Germany leaves Atlanta at 4 pm EST, lots of time for us to chill and take in what we have in store.  Once we arrive in Germany we will be waiting on the military shuttle bus for our 3 hour trip to Ansbach from Frankfurt.  Sleeping sounds like a great option.  Once we're in Ansbach we'll be staying at the lodge on-post until we are given housing.  It's a big song and dance to get over there but being in Europe will be so worth it in the end. 

4 hours until we fly out for Germany.