Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good Friends, Food and Wine

Yesterday involved a great combination of things we've been needing.  Good friends that bring great conversation, dinner from the grill and some drinks to mellow the mood.  What was most likely our "Leaving GA" get together was perfect.  We're lucky to have made such friendships, in our environment that can be rare. 

Today we recovered from a late night of conversation and drinking.  Lots of hydrating later, I was back to normal.  This week is our last full week before the full reality of moving begins.  I say this because the movers will arrive in just over a week to begin packing and then our "normal" state of things will be on vacation for quite a while.  I can see it already, the oh-so familiar change of living space that goes from functional to a city of cardboard.

25 days until we arrive in Germany ....

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