Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pointers on Packing

Throughout our various roadtrips to visit with family or trips to just get out of town I feel I have mastered the art of packing.  I will gloat a bit that I was able to fly from Georgia to New York with two children for a week stay on just 3 carry-on pieces of luggage.  I found a space saving (along with time saving) idea a long time ago that has worked for me everytime.  Roll, don't fold.
I started packing up clothes today and went right to my specific way of doing things.  I group an outfit together, roll it all up and band it together.  This saves room in the luggage and saves time when you're living out of a suitcase for a while.  Instead of rummaging through a large suitcase for a pair of socks and making a mess, it will already be inside the rolled outfit.  Natalie likes this because she can just grab her own outfit for the day and put herself together. 

Elise came up with a different solution ...
... pack yourself wearing all the clothes you have.  Besides the stink factor that would be sure to follow, it is an interesting idea.

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