Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Quirky Mover

I wish I had a picture of what happened today.  While I never saw the actual event, I know it took place.  While sitting in our family room surrounded by a growing city of boxes I heard the faint noise of a musical instrument.  Nothing professional, more like a little toy.  That's when I put it all together.  The big burly moving man who was boxing up my childrens belongings upstairs was playing on their xylophone.  It sounded like a poor rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb.  I must admit, the lamb should have been put out of its misery.  I'm still trying to debate whether this was weird/funny or irresponsible/rude.  I mean, the mere thought of what the man must have looked like doing this seems funny.  But I doubt it would be as funny had he been playing Mary with my underwear, ya know?
<---- This picture of the xylophone is necessary to help capture the humor.  I only wish I had the patience to photoshop a picture of a moving man into the scene.

Anyhow, our house is now full of cardboard, packing tape and the lingering smell of permanent marker.  We've lived in this particular house for 1 1/2 years.  What has taken us this long to make a home, took the movers just 4 hours to pack away.  Personally I know it would have taken me weeks.  I sit and analyze everything for days until I get frustrated and pull the Hefty bag out.  Needless to say, they are more efficient.

Tomorrow the truck will be here to pick everything up, minus the kids and dog.  They did offer to box them up but between Child Services and PETA we don't have the time for that mess.  Just in case this isn't found to be humorous, I kid I kid, I joke I joke, I have proof that everyone made it through the packing phase in one piece.

15 Days until we arrive in Germany

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