Monday, February 21, 2011

Quarantined Area

It is now crunch time, lots of final rearranging and packing to do.  The only packing that we have to worry about will be all of the clothing and personal belongings that we will need for the next 2 months, the very reason for our HUGE bags.  The trick is to pack what we need but then make sure the movers don't get to it.  They will pack everything, and I stress everything, that they see.  I've heard horror stories about movers packing bags of garbage, only for the families to open spoiled trash months later at their new duty station. No thank you.  A couple trips to a dumpster today will help avoid that issue.

A great idea that I read about to separate travel goods from household goods is to quarantine an area.  There has to be one designated area or room in the home where the packers are not allowed to go.  In this area the family keeps everything they want left alone, such as their travel luggage, travel snacks, garage door openers, house keys, or anything else that also needs to be turned into the housing office.

             In our house that area looks
               something like this ----->

The better part of today will be spent finishing laundry, taking all items that are hung on the walls down and removing any trash items.  The kids are almost packed up but of course Chris and I have yet to start so that is also on our to-do list. 

1 day until the movers come, 17 days until we arrive in Germany.

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