Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ready ... set ... pack!

Part of my Motherly duties in this upcoming move is to make sure things are "pre-packed".  As anyone can tell, our daughters' room in this picture is a total disaster.  If a moving person were to walk into this room as-is then it can easily be assumed that most everything will just get thrown in a box.  Movers don't take kindly to having to clean-up while packing-up, so a little consideration for them will go a long way.  The sad thing is that I cleaned this room just two weeks ago, but Hurricane Elise and Tropical Storm Natalie tore through and this space has been ruled as a state of disaster.  Please don't notify Red Cross, everyone made it out alright and I swear Ruby is not passed out from the fumes.  After two hours and lots of bags to organize and toss out some of the mess I conquered the not so pretty room and preped it for the move. 

Ruby gave up on me about ten minutes in, pretty much after she realized the food remnants were getting thrown out.

The next step is to remove everything from the walls because the movers will not touch anything that is hung up.  I already spent a great deal of time in Natalie's old room/the old play room just undecorating.  Now all that is left is a blank slate and a big echo when you walk in.
Our walk-through with the movers ended up being today instead.  A quick 5 minute tour of the house and it was over.  The no-pack list is nearly as long as the list of things they can pack for you.  No batteries, no liquids, no soaps, no perishables, no perfumes, no oils, no lightbulbs, no liquor, etc.  Luckily we did find out that they will pack canned and dry foods for an overseas move, we had thought differently.

7 days until the movers come, 23 days until we arrive in Germany.

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