Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The break down for military moves (at least for us) usually goes: one day for boxing up household goods and one day for pick-up.  For this move we were told two days were necessary for boxing up the house and one day for pick-up.  So it was scheduled that way, at least we thought so. 

My schedule for today went from waking up early, doing the last minute things before the movers arrived, then getting Elise off to school.  3 hours later I was still waiting.  A phone call to the movers and I was reassured that they would arrive "shortly".  3 more hours later and I had to phone again.  This time I spoke with the owner who told me there was a mix-up and that a family with a similar name was scheduled for today.  He then told me our house would get boxed up in one day, not two.  So at about 2 in the afternoon the realization set in that I was finally able to relax for a bit.  I can't really be mad that our house will only be invaded by strangers for a total of two days rather than three.

To pass some time I pulled out my Kindle and started reading through a new favorite, "Those Crazy Germans! A Lighthearted Guide to Germany" by Steven Somers.  This piece has some insight into the smaller bits of culture and behaviors of Germans.  I'm definitely on the edge of my seat to arrive in Germany and this book offers some great teasers, along with some chuckles towards naive Americans.

1 Day until the movers arrive (again), 16 Days until we arrive in Germany.

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