Friday, February 11, 2011

The mysteries of on-post housing ...

Living on a military installation has many positves.  Free lawn maintenance, free trash removal, free utilities and people to call at all hours in case anything breaks.  Such as a dishwasher or fridge breaking on the weekend, been there.  Today we came across another unknown mystery of military housing, all the hidden costs of moving out.  Moving in is a breeze, everything so fresh and new.  The excitement allows you to forget that everything you bring into the house must one day be brought back out.  Moving out is a chore unless you would like to pay for someone else to dust every corner, wipe every door frame, scrub every tub, and so on.  We paid that somebody.  We've broken our backs and grew some gray hairs doing a "self-clean" before.  That is the last thing you want to do before traveling to your next duty station, you'll be tired and cranky ... and so will he. 

Today we welcomed the Housing Assistant into our home so she could do a Pre-inspection before our move out.  Thankfully we only have one concern in regards to damage of the house, which is a large hair dye stain on the carpet in our master bedroom.  There's no hiding it or escaping the impending charge. 

Next on the agenda is for the movers to do their walkthrough.  The reason is to scope everything out so they know about how many boxes to bring for the move and to check for oversized and fragile items.  Some say the walkthrough is also for shadey companies to "shop" around in your home before the move.  And this is exactly why I will be supervising the move, along with offering refreshments.  Always a good idea to get on their good side.

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